About the Social Prescribing Service

Helping Hands

Who are Practice Link Workers?

A Practice Link Worker is a new kind of health professional who works with your GP Practice to help you improve your health and wellbeing. By working closely with your GP and other healthcare professionals they can provide you with a helping hand to achieve your health goals and access a wide range of services provided by the NHS, local councils and the voluntary sector.

What sort of activities could I do?

We will help you find the activities that suit you best. Examples of popular activities include:

  • Walking and strolling groups
  • Seated exercise classes        
  • Arts and crafts    
  • Sports and hobbies      
  • Community groups and clubs          
  • Computer and internet classes        
  • Volunteering  

How will my Health Improve?

Some of the health benefits can include:

  • Lower stress and anxiety       
  • Reduced isolation or loneliness
  • More motivation and energy 
  • Improved mood  
  • More confidence
  • Reduced pain     
  • Fewer symptoms           
  • A more active mind      


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