Creating a better city with Team Oxford

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Introducing Team Oxford

Team Oxford is a new movement to get everyone creating a better city: one that is happier, healthier and more connected. ‘Volunteering’ as we know it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to fit into busy lives. At the same time, the need for us all to get more involved grows while charities and public services have fewer resources available to mobilise and retain our support. Team Oxford exists to make it easier for people, communities and organisations to work together to make a difference for the city – in a way that is more exciting, more flexible and more effective.

Why OxFed is involved in Team Oxford?

OxFed is one of the founding members of Team Oxford. Here’s our CEO Helen Shute explaining why we got involved and how Team Oxford supports us to strengthen general practice and primary care.


How will Team Oxford make it easier to help the city?

  • For people – Team Oxford will create a central place for all volunteering in the city on an easy-to-use app/website. We will grow the pool of active citizens by co-creating flexible experiences that are relevant and exciting, while making it easier for people to move between organisations.
  • For organisations – Team Oxford will create a common, streamlined ‘back-office’ so all can benefit from efficiencies created by technology. Resources saved carrying out routine processes can be invested in developing more flexible opportunities and attracting a broader range of people to get involved.
  • For businesses – Team Oxford will enable business to see more clearly the need in their city and where this is strategic. We will support organisations to offer flexible group and specialist volunteering opportunities that will appeal to teams.

Why we will make a difference

We know there’s already great work happening in Oxford to create a happier, healthier and more connected city. Team Oxford seeks to build on and celebrate that ongoing effort by joining it up like never before. By pooling our effort, knowledge and resources to create a common way of enabling people to make a difference for their city, we will achieve much more than duplicating our efforts. We’re also keen to build on exisiting practice of our network but also in terms of the technology that’s already out there: the full Team Oxford platform will be a customised version of a platform called Volunteer Kinetic.

How can I make a difference?

It is hard to create a better Oxford from the side-lines. Positive social change depends on the ability and willingness of more of us – indeed all of us – to share our time, skills and passion to help ourselves and others. Whatever our background or story, we all want to belong to something that’s bigger than us and to make a difference.

Here’s your moment to do just that: show your support for a more collaborative approach and Join Team Oxford.


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