Digital Healthcare

OxFed is developing a strategy to help practices and patients benefit from the exciting opportunities technology can bring to influence how we work, provide services and information and communicate with each other.

Joining up your care

We’ve developed a new system that helps GPs and other healthcare professionals securely share information about the patients they treat, to improve the safety and quality of care. This includes a medical records-sharing service that makes it possible for emergency doctors to access your electronic health record when your usual GP practice is closed, if you give the doctor your permission. To find out more or to opt out of the scheme, contact your GP practice or download our leaflet.

You can also access your own GP health records online. Visit for more information.


COACH is a trusted one-stop portal for all health and wellbeing advice. It has been designed by NHS GP surgeries with patient input for all the residents of Oxfordshire, helping you navigate to available health services, aiding self-care, signposting to care services and a directory to point you in the right direction for local community support.