How can I get involved?

What if I want to take part in a research activity?

There are various ways you can find out more about, and participate in, our research activities and trials: 

  • Look out for information in your local practice’s waiting room or check their website. These will have contact details for each trial.
  • You may be contacted by OxFed directly (if your GP has identified you as a suitable participant),  inviting you to join a trial or to find out more.
  • For further information about the trials we are supporting you can contact us directly at or call us on 01865 223900.

If you do choose to join a study, this is entirely voluntary and you may withdraw from it at any time without explanation. This decision to be involved (or not) with clinical research will not affect the usual healthcare you received from your GP practice.


What are the benefits of getting involved?

Taking part in research trials can have a number of benefits, depending on what the research is looking into.  These could include:

  • Contributing to new treatments and ways of providing healthcare
  • Growing your knowledge and understanding of your condition
  • The possibility of being offered access to new treatments and therapies that may otherwise not be available to you
  • The chance to make a difference to others who are living with your condition in the future

Other ways to be involved in research

These websites provide information about some of the other ways that you can be involved in research: Involve; Join dementia research; Be part of research.

OxFed are committed to supporting access to research, however OxFed shall not accept liability for any losses, however incurred, as a result of participating in any research activity or trials undertaken by third party organisations.