OxFed Pharmacist Pilot

Introducing Clinical Pharmacists into the General Practice team

Background and aims for the project

The GP Workforce 10 Point Plan identified the role of the Clinical Pharmacist in General Practice as important way of better managing the GP workload. The first phase of the pilot began in 2016 and was so successful that before it completed, NHS England announced phase 2 in January 2017. OxFed initiated the coordination of a successful bid for federation members who were interested in participating in February 2017 and, following final approval, recruitment of the Senior/Lead Clinical Pharmacist commenced.

The aim of introducing Clinical Pharmacists into the General Practice is to integrate a ‘medicines expert’ into the practice team, delivering direct patient care and to work with the wider team to improve quality and safety. In other areas of the country. Pharmacists in phase 1 of the pilot have been involved in the management of long term conditions, dealing with medication queries, supporting patients who have significant polypharmacy (the concurrent use of multiple medications), advising on minor illness and educating the practice team. This should enable GPs to focus more on complex cases and acute conditions.

Progress with the project to date

Interest in the pilot amongst OxFed members was measured and an application to become a Phase 2 pilot site was made to NHS England, which was approved in 2017. Recruitment was completed and the Lead Clinical Pharmacist is now in post along with two of the three Clinical Pharmacists (the third will join the team late in February). The Practices involved have been introduced to the Clinical Pharmacist that will be providing their service and the pharmacists inductions are underway. The Lead Pharmacist has completed her induction and is beginning to roll out clinics at two of the practices.

Next steps

The Clinical Pharmacists will focus on understanding their role in General Practice and becoming thoroughly integrated in their respective teams. They will be working towards rolling out face to face medication review clinics and start to understand local prescribing issues. The aim will be to improve the quality of prescribing, particularly focusing on high risk areas at the transfer of care, for the frail elderly, and for care home patients. The Clinical Pharmacists will also be undertaking study to support their role as part of the GP Pharmacist National Learning Pathway provided by the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education – CPPE.

Clinical pharmacists in General Practice - an example from Bristol.

Clinical pharmacists in General Practice - an example from Bristol

For more information

For more information about OxFed's Pharmacists in General Practice pilot contact Jennifer Weston, OxFed's Senior Clinical Pharmacist, at jenniferweston@nhs.net