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Twelve months ago volunteering in General Practice didn’t exist in Oxford (or pretty much anywhere else).  Today, following a successful pilot, we’re an organisation with a small volunteering programme and big ambitions.  This is an exciting and multi-faceted role focused on the involvement of volunteers in a range of ways to support General Practice and Primary Care in Oxford. 


Since early 2017, working in partnership with 4 pioneer GP Practices, we have created a new ‘Health Champions for Oxford’ volunteering programme.  Working with practice teams, we identified genuine operational and patient needs within practices and used this insight to develop and test new roles, recruiting, inducting and working with our partner practices. 

The Volunteering Department at OxFed is evolving and a variety of opportunities are available either directly with OxFed or one of our partner organisations. Please feel free to apply even if what you are looking for is not listed below:


  1. Health Champion Buddy: to provide companionship, befriend patients as well as support with day to day tasks such as shopping, gardening, and escorting patients to hospital, GP appointments or other social activities. Health Champions may act as  a buddy to support patients with a lifestyle  change e.g. healthy living, stop smoking etc.
  2. GP Practice Based Health Champions: To work within a GP Practice providing support with digital access, administration, events, outreach and patient involvement projects and other activities according  to the needs of the Practice as well as your skills.


All OxFed Volunteers will have the opportunity to volunteer with OxFed’s partner organisations and be part of Team OxFord.


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