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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, healthcare providers across Oxfordshire have responded and worked collaboratively to set up CALM clinics and visiting services, together becoming the Covid-19 Community, Assessment, Liaison and Monitoring (CALM) Service.

CALM services provide a safer alternative facility for primary care to see their Covid-19 affected patients requiring face to face assessment or treatment. As previously suggested by NHSE this is ‘likely to be the most effective option in managing cross contamination and protecting patients not affected by Covid and at risk patients.

The Service will be staffed by a variety of clinicians (dependent on need) including GPs, Nurses, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Paramedic Practitioners, Infection Control Coordinators and Service Administrators, to enable the delegation of workload from GPs to other clinicians & colleagues, and to provide more specialised services to patients.

As a CALM service Treatment Room Nurse, you will be offering a variety of Acute Practice Nurse procedures to patients that may have Covid-19. These patients will have been referred into the service by their own surgery as the patient’s clinical need cannot wait until their required self isolation period.

OxFed prioritises the safety of its workers and has a number of measures in place for Infection, Prevention and Control that serve to protect individuals from Covid-19 whilst providing direct patient care. Alongside standard infection control equipment and procedures as would be expected, all CALM clinics have a member of staff acting as an ‘Infection Control Coordinator (ICC)’. They take overall responsibility for the day to day infection prevention and control measures we have in place and ensure all infection control procedures are strictly followed.  As a Treatment Room Nurse, you may be required fulfill this ICC role alongside your nursing duties, but sufficient time and support will be provided to complete your duties.

Appropriate PPE is provided for all staff working in CALM services as per national guidance. All members of staff are encouraged to regularly review the latest guidelines to ensure their practice is current. Aerosol Generating Procedures are not performed in these clinics.

CALM clinics currently operate Monday to Friday from 10.00am until 6.30pm.  Shift durations may vary but to ensure the wellbeing of staff, we require all members of the team who are working for longer than 6 hours to take a 30-minute unpaid break during their session.

Once we have received sufficient appropriate applications, we may withdraw the advertisement.

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