Welcome to the OxFed health hub for University of Oxford Students

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Who can help?

You can get free help and advice on managing your health and any long term conditions while you’re at Oxford from

If you need urgent medical or dental help, dial 111 at any time. In a life-threatening emergency, dial 999.

Your College Nurse

Your nurse is available in your college (free of charge) at set times throughout the week during

term time. Click here to find out where and when you can see them each week. (Regrettably if your college isn’t listed your college doesn’t offer this service).

Your College Nurse can give you advice and treatment for

  • Everyday illnesses, infections, sprains and simple ailments
  • First aid and minor injuries
  • Homesickness, loneliness and relationship worries
  • Low mood, exam stress, insomnia and anxiety
  • Sexual health problems and contraception
  • Living and studying with long-term health conditions

For more detailed information please click here to download leaflet.

Your College Doctor

We recommend you register with the College Doctor so you can access free NHS care when you need it. To register all you need to do is to visit your College Doctor’s surgery to fill out a GMS1 form ideally taking a photographic proof of identity.

You can download a GMS1 form here if you would like to fill one out in advance of your visit.

Details of your College’s GP practice can be found here .

Your Local Pharmacy

Pharmacists are able to help you with much more than just dispensing medications. Your pharmacist can give you advice on managing common conditions without the need to visit your GP. They can also give extra advice on the use of new medications such as inhalers, help with weight loss, provide emergency contraception and help you to stop smoking amongst other things. Please see the links below for further information on what they offer, how to find your local pharmacy and links to advice on managing common conditions.


Please ensure that you are up to date with all of your routine immunisations. The NHS vaccination schedule can be found here .

In particular please check that you have had two MMR immunisations to ensure that you have a good level of immunity. If you are not sure about this there is no harm in having a third immunisation. Please contact your GP surgery for this. We have had some incidences of Mumps outbreaks in colleges.

If you have not had your Meningitis ACWY immunisation before arriving in Oxford, the College Doctors try to immunise as many students as possible in Freshers weeks. If you were not included in this, please contact your GP surgery where this can be given.

If you suffer from a chronic disease e.g. asthma taking a steroid containing inhaler, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, coeliac disease or take immunosuppressive medication for any reason we would advise getting a ‘flu vaccination as soon as possible in Michaelmas term. They are however available until around February at the tail end of the ‘flu season. Please contact your GP surgery to arrange your vaccination.

Your College Welfare Team

Many Colleges provide additional welfare information on their websites.


If you have any complaints or concerns about the services that you have received, please get in touch as soon as possible.

If you would like to make a complaint or to express a concern, you can contact Sheree Martin, OxFed Assistant Director of Operations on 01865 788 885 sheree.martin1@nhs.net