Growing REsearch and At scale Trials (GREAT) Programme

Research is essential in finding out which treatments work best for patients and to improve NHS care.  Medical research is often organised into a scientific process known as a clinical trial.  At OxFed we feel it is important to play our part in clinical trials and other activities, supporting patients and practices to be at the forefront of healthcare innovation and research.

It isn’t always easy for patients to get involved in research. And sometimes, it isn’t practically possible for a GP practice to offer their patients the opportunity to be involved in a clinical trial. 

OxFed are working with our member practices in Oxford City to offer the opportunities to work together on ‘at-scale’ trials, making it easier for their patients to join a clinical trial in their local community if they wish to do so. We believe all patients should be given the opportunity to participate in clinical research.

Whether it’s helping to recruit patients to take part in trials for particular health conditions, supporting practices to run research clinics in local communities, or working in partnership with local hospitals and Universities, we want to help to improve healthcare for the future.